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The charity and love

"What is the meaning of the word charity, as understood Jesus?"
"Compassion for all, indulgence for the imperfections of others, forgiveness of sins."
Question No. 886 (The Law of Justice and Love and Charity) - The Book of Spirits

Is confused often with love charity. However, words are not synonymous, so that both appear in a divine law that includes justice. Many spiritual centers are named "Love and Charity." Of course its founders did not realize they have the same meaning, like "Light and Bright" or "Peace and Tranquility."
Charity would, in the view of "The Book of Spirits":
Benevolence, which is expressed in good will and disposition to do well;
Indulgence, which is mercy and compassion for the imperfections of others;
Forgiveness, which is the act of excusing offenses.
Exercise of benevolence: Working on behalf of the same.
Exercise of indulgence: Solidarity in the face of limitations and weaknesses of others, avoiding discriminate against you.
Practice forgiveness: Forgetting the evil that has suffered from someone in an act of enlightened tolerance which is expressed in understanding.
Perhaps we have here the origin of the maxim of Kardec: "Labor, Solidarity and Tolerance", the spirit guide action. Without these principles there is the possibility of being a perfect understanding men in building a better world.
And Love?
Love is deep affection. It's really like. It is, in its most noble, wanting the good of someone in self-giving.
Decanted by poets and exalted by dreamers, love is blessed sun that illuminates and warms the lurid human ways.
Just one problem: it is impossible to sustain it, make it hard worker and productive without the fuel of charity.
Found in the street a woman in distress, surrounded by ragged and hungry children. Touched by us:
"What a sad picture, my God! The suffering!"
We extend to you a few bucks and move on, evoking, full of compassion:
"Jesus for protection, my sister."
At that very moment we shone a ray of love, infiltrating the stolid human egocentrism.
But that love empty, ephemeral! A love almost useless, which was limited to alms to ease their conscience, transferring to Providence Christ better, without considering that he was waiting for us to meet it with the initiative to stop, talk, learn more about the extent of their problems, helping it. Charity without love can be very careless ...
We have a great friend. We like him very much. One day he does something that displeases us, destroying our relationship. We distance ourselves, throwing away a rewarding friendship. Without charity the dearest invisible will help in achieving this love and charity, that benevolence should not separate their feelings.

When talking with his brother to send you healing forces for the provision of intimacy intimacy, wrapped in love. Do not forget the smile; the strength of God will give his heart to hearts suffering. Treat the patient, and then trains his feelings on the qualities of light that the Master taught us.
To do so, expand your arsenal of knowledge through Spiritism, Allan Kardec's codification that gave us the ways of good will, given to those who seek to learn, given the law, which reveals that "he who seeks finds," he who seeks finds " , "who knocks on the door of knowledge, it will open by twisting the truth." Who work for healing the sick, you're healing yourself, and all reap what we sow in the fields of universal life. A glass of drinking water that supplies the thirsty medicine is divine, when love comes with the most intimate gesture in the fibers of its composition.
The medium has many good points to do well, every minute, wherever he goes, and goes into action when praying, it may be the soul doctor, sending its vibrations of harmony for the suffering of all evil. One should not heal without opening the doors to education by donating to the sick at least one word of love and charity, calming the consciousness of one who suffers, or offering bread to the hungry, clothing the naked, and a smile to the sad, that helps cut the root growth of gloom, spread the joy to all who find their way.
Mediumship in the light of Spiritism is God's strength magnet of love, brotherhood of the road. Be one of the impulses of light, which should never fade in the heart of a disciple of Jesus. Rebuke all evil, with the example of good, because there is a remedy for all ills, love. Love, who will be happy.

(From "Psychic Wholeness" by John Nunes Maia, the Spirit Miramez)

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They scream in my ear all the echoes of the Port District and you can not stop ...

Where are the ears of the ruler who does not hear these echoes?

Children who crawl from hand to hand outside the decisions of men who were elected and that nothing in them to work hard to improve the future ...

Tired of charity that men mean to distribute and for which do not contribute at least in order to enforce the laws of man as God's laws they do not seem to want to keep ...

Are we to understand the Vatican and churches steeped in wealth and the world population to starve? ...

For when people start demanding that local churches to distribute the local population that is so poorly supported by the monies in the coffers to hold clerical ...?

I can not understand that the churches of seats does not make a thorough visit to help them by God's mercies distributed and can not perform the companion could become a stranger.
The couple lives well, Husbands and wives love each other deeply. One day he makes a slip engages in extramarital adventure, the wife acknowledges and leaves immediately, although he begs you to stay, torn with remorse. And both matured in chronic unhappiness, marked by unsurpassed nostalgia. Without charity the most ardent affection can be drowned in an ocean of hurt and resentment.
In the past many religious installed themselves in deserted places, imposing itself as flagícios deprivation and sacrifice for Humanity. Mostly just pledged to eccentricities and imbalances. Without the love of charity like this can become a disturbing passion for ourselves.
The apostle Paul goes much further on the subject (I Corinthians 13: 1-3), which still stands when we hold the verb more sublime, more accurate Mediumship, the deeper knowledge, the most powerful conviction, detachment and wider unflinching fearlessness of death, so everything will be worth little without charity, that is, if we are not imbued with the personal disinterest in the sincere desire to serve the same.
And Kardec gives us the same vision of the futility of all initiatives in favor of human redemption, is missing the key component, to proclaim:
"Without Charity there is no salvation."

(From "The Divine Constitution," Richard Simonetti)

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Nobody objected on the quality of higher purpose.

Do not make any restriction on the nobility of such sentiments.

Charity is always a light on overcoming darkness.
So it is not lawful to evade someone to clarify with the glow that emanates from it.
Motorists will enjoy a light first.
Generalizes in a practice that, although edifying, has become more and more outdated.

Generous people, who want to help, always exempt themselves from so doing, justifying the lack of time, health, fewer economic opportunities ... And that will direct the needy to seek other contest they seem well endowed, valiant, no problems ... But they have them also, but would not complain, encouraging trade of discouragement and folly.

Creatures are well formed, without doubt, who do so, however, refuse the joy of service, the blessing of bail, the happiness of love.

Of course compared to the impossibility of making himself real good, the attitude of the troubled forward to a blessed source is correct.

Not, however, as a constant habit, transferring the love of home and hands ...

When you reach someone in distress, you can always help, if you will.

Not measuring time or examining values, you must allocate and distribute gifts to you in the ministry of love with Jesus.

¾ rescue Charitable transferred later.
Knowing someone who toils in the sanctifying work of the charity, runs to his aid, instead of the overburdened with new responsibilities and greater amount of responsibility.

Pausing for you to meditate on the "Parable of the Good Samaritan," realizing the necessity of doing, yourself, to charity.

Never send to someone else carry it in your place.

Not to postpone the moment of your happiness.
Jesus never spared by transferring labors. Even on the cross, when requested by the tormented villain, begged him to help, her hand stretched generous hope, on behalf of the sublime love of Our Father

(From "The Offering" by Divaldo P. Franco - Joanna de Angelis)

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Healing Teaching

The mediumship of healing is one of the noblest according to Spiritism, because she truly console, however, must be exercised with the power of education, instructing the patient to "sin no more", as referred to in the Gospel of Jesus.
The healing medium is endowed with comforting blessing, however, it is necessary to remember the life of Jesus, who healed the sick, instructing him on how to live, teaching the Gospel in order to respect others as well as life, watching the natural laws that govern all creation.
Overcome evil is a divine thing that the mediator should do with joy, but love the lines of charity, without forgetting to appreciate the discipline, understanding the psychological reactions of the patient and character that marks his impulses. And, with urgency, to come on it needs to correct some of its defects, such as violence, ingratitude, melancholy, anger, sorrow and many other negative forces, the base of the unhappiness of the soul. Should the arbitrator denied the inconvenience, highlighting the high of the way Jesus teaches.
Curing diseases is not only extinguished but the moral infirmities that require more urgent than physical pain, and born in thoughts and words conditioned on life itself. And the medium should be the first to have a straight life in thinking, speaking and living, that his effort will not be in vain. Companies function for which they were created ...

It is meant that demand will support the Heart of the City and people of Valongo Gondomar, when parishes are active and mercies are receiving support from the Food Bank Against Hunger ...

After the Heart of the City continues without support from anyone and it is this institution that all hours of the day the techniques of social action to help turn ...

Tired of charity and men continue to count every second with Divine Charity ...


 Right now I am in God's hands

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"My name is Charity, follow the main path that leads to God. Accompany me, because I know the goal that you must all be targeted. This morning I gave my usual rotation, and with a bitter heart, I come to tell you: - Oh my friends, that the miseries that of tears, as you have to do to dry them all!..."

... "Elsewhere I saw my friends, poor old jobless and, consequently, the homeless, prisoners from all suffering from penury and ashamed of his misery, without daring, they never begged, beg the mercy of passersby. With tumid the heart of compassion, I have nothing, I did beg for them and go, everywhere, to encourage charity, inspire good thoughts on the generous hearts and compassionate. That's why I come here, my friends, and you say: - There are so wretched, whose huts lack bread, they are without heat stoves and beds without blankets. Do not tell you what to do, let your hearts to the initiative. If I have to dictate the conduct, no you would merit your good deed. I tell you just - I'm the Charity and you extend your hands by your brethren who are suffering. “37.

"When you forgive your brothers, not content with the extend a veil of oblivion over their faults because, more often than not, this is very transparent veil for your eyes. Take them both, with forgiveness, love; do for them what we would ask your Heavenly Father did for you. Replaces anger that pollutes, the love that purifies. Preach, exemplifying, this charity active, indefatigable, that Jesus taught you, preach it, as he did during the whole time he was on earth, visible to the bodily eyes, and as yet incessantly preaches, since he became visible so only the eyes of the Spirit. I followed this divine model; And walk by their footprints, they will lead you to where you find refuge home after the fight. Like him, all ye lade your crosses and sub painfully, but with courage, your ordeal, whose summit is the glorification. * 38.

37. The Gospel According to Spiritism, Allan Kardec, ch. XIII - Communication of the Spirit of Caritas.

* 38. Idem, idem, X - Communication with the Spirit of John, bishop of Bordeaux.

(From "The tragedy of Santa Maria, Ivonne A. Pereira, Menezes by the Spirit).

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