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Sentence of Christ


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"Copying authentic piece of the existing process at the Museum of Spain"

In the year nineteen of Tiberius Caesar, Emperor of the world, invincible King of the Olympics hundred and twenty-one, and the Iliad twenty-four, creating the world according to the statement number of the Jews, sometimes four thousand one hundred and eighty seven of the progeny of the Roman Empire in the year seventy-three, and the release from bondage in Babylon, in the year one thousand two hundred and seven, being governor of Judea FIFTH SERGIO; or regiment and governor of Jerusalem, President Gratíssima, Pontius Pilate ; regent in Lower Galilee, Herod Antipas, the pontiff of the high priest Caiaphas, the Temple magnos, ALIS ALMELO, Robas ACASEL, FRANCHIMO CENTAUR; Roman consuls of the city of Jerusalem, and FIFTH CORNÉLIO SUBLIME SIXTO RUST, in March and the days XXV This years - I Pontius Pilate, president here of the Roman Empire in the Palace and arch-residence. Tried, convicted and sentence you to death Jesus, called for the plebs Christ of Nazareth - Galilee and the nation, man sedioso against the Mosaic law - contrary to the great Emperor Tiberius Caesar.

Determine and order by it, which gives death on the cross, being nailed to studs and all the defendants, because bringing and gathering people, rich and poor, has not ceased to promote riots throughout Judea, saying a child of God and KING OF ISRAEL, threatening the ruin of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple, denying tribute to Caesar, and has the audacity to enter arms in triumph and, with much of the populace within the city of Jerusalem.

That is bound and whipped, and is dressed in purple and crowned with some of them, with their own cross on his shoulders to serve as an example to all evildoers, and along with it, are driven two murderous thieves, leaving early in the holy door Today Anthony, and that leads Jesus to the mountain of public justice, called the Skull, where, be crucified and dead body on the cross, to show how all the criminals, and that on the cross was put in several languages, this title: IESUS Nazarenus, JUDEOURUM REX (Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews). Mando also that no person of any state or condition you dare rashly to prevent justice for me sent, administered and enforced with rigor, according to the Roman decrees and laws, under the penalty of rebellion against the Roman Empire.

Witnesses of our sentence, the twelve tribes of Israel: RABAIM, DANIEL, RABAIM, Joaqui, BANBASU, LARE PETUCULANI. The Pharisees BULLIENIEL, Simeon, Ranola, Babbino MANDOANO, CURFOSSI. The Roman Empire and the president of Rome: LUCIO SEXTILE and AMANCIO CHILICIO.


Bibliography (Handbook of the Magistrate, "Jucid do Amaral Peixoto, Ed Forensic, 4th ed., 1992.) - (The Great Trials in History, Otto Pierre Editors, in José Geraldo da Silva, Brazilian Penal Law, pp. 45 and 46, note 14).

If Jesus was executed by the Sanhedrin, it would be only on the day of the sentence, the right space mosaic sent an order of execution. Pilate, but gave immediate effect to its ruling preventing the defendant appealed to Tiberius Caesar, as did Paul (Acts 25:11) Pilate, and comparative law (execution of the sentence) with two false witnesses, (legal guilt) was the only one of five judges (Annas, Caiaphas, full Sanhedrin, Herod, Pilate) that both could condemn it as to absolve him.

The main legal errors regarding this case were:

1) Judging night, contrary to the Hebrew and Roman law, not giving publicity to the process;

2) Conflict of jurisdiction: 4 judges in that case;

3) Lack of authority of Annas only to ask Jesus, out of the Sanhedrin;

4) Herod in Jerusalem, has no jurisdiction over Jesus - only in Galilee;

5) False witnesses, lured by the judges.


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Jesus transportando a cruz 

Sofrimento de Cristo

Jesus crucificado 

Maria e o corpo de Jesus Cristo


Maria mãe de Jeus chorando

The mother of that prophet
prodigious, accompanied
the shortcut
worship him with fondness.
The vicissitudes of the wounded,
should not disturb him
To the window, staring
lost in the distance,
thinking of the exiled son.
After the crowd
is tucked
It is comforting,
with every word.
Many times as desired
run, find it.
Consolation with tenderness
But the obligations fatal
did it deviate more.
And he always remembered,
the smallest gestures,
where out of the hands
cuddled and comforted.
And when she came,
sit beside her,
struggling to
disguise a smile
He examined the hand,
long and proud,
he had every
expression virgin
extraordinarily alive.
Craved, wanted,
lost kissing
yeah the one hand,
of poor Mary.

After all, Jesus Christ overcame the death

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