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Article first


The Association "IRMÃOS DA CARIDADE," in English "BROTHERS OF CHARITY '' that is indefinite, it is a legal person under private law, non-profit, which is governed by these statutes and the rules of procedure and, additionally, the rules governing associations.

Article Two

The Association has its headquarters in Luanda_Angola in the street on January 21 No. 88 ground-floor in the Luanda City_Angola, Futungo commune.

Article the third
(Mission, Objectives and Motto)
The Association's Mission is spiritually and materially help the needy: the sick, needy (orphans, widows, destitute children, old helpless and others),  sensitize the churches and society to the practice of charity
It aims to reduce or end the suffering of the needy, through the contribution of members, as well as the contribution of other non-governmental organizations and government, and society in general.
Motto: You received freely give freely Mat.10: 8

Article the fourth
(Income and Expenses)
1. The revenues of the Association:
a) The fees paid by members;
b) donations, gifts and campaign contributions
c) All property acquired for its operation.
2. Constitute expenses of the Association all charges that are deemed necessary for fulfilling its mission and objectives.

Article the fifth
1. The Association's members and contributors.
a) are members, and that provide the founders of this deed of incorporation, to join as full and participating in field work, admitted by the Coordination, which is declared to accept and comply with the statutes and internal regulations of the Association, and
b) They are contributing members, all natural and legal persons who give their regular monthly dues to the Association, and that not participating in fieldwork.
2. Membership is not transferable.

Article the sixth
(Rights and duties of members)
1. The rights of members:
a) Participate and vote at general meetings;
b) To elect and be elected to associated organs, and
c) To participate in the activities promoted by the Association.
2 The duties of the members:
a) comply with the statutes, internal regulations and resolutions of the General Assembly and Coordination, and
b) to pay dues.

Article the seventh
(Associative Agencies )
The bodies of the Association: General Assembly, the Coordination Council and the Audit Committee. The mandate of the holders is three years, reelection being permitted by one or more times.

Article the eighth
(General Assembly)
1. Competence:
a) The definition of work plans of the Association, proposed by the Coordination;
b) determining the amount of the shares payable by members on a proposal from Coordination;
c) The election and removal of office bearers of associations;
d) A recognition of natural and legal persons for their contribution and dedication to the Association, proposed by the Coordination;
e) Approval of the report, balance sheet and accounts for the year to provide coordination;
f) The amendment of the statutes and dissolution of the Association, and
g) The resolution of all matters not included in the  estatutes legal or other bodies of the Association.
2. Composition: The General Assembly comprises all members full use of their rights. Its meetings are chaired by the Chairman, assisted by a vice-president and a secretary. Missing any of the members will be replaced by the following, who is elected to complete the Bureau of the members present, which has no seat on the associative agencies.
3. Convening of meetings: General Assembly meets once a year for approval of the report, balance sheet and to submit annual accounts of the Coordination and extraordinarily convened by the Chairman of the Board at the request of coordination or a set of associated less than half full, the minutes of meetings should be signed jointly by the president and secretary.

Article the ninth
1. Competence: responsible for managing the coordination and representation of the Association, perform all acts necessary for the operation of the Association, namely:
a) Represent the Association, actively and passively in and out of court;
b) conclude, within the mission and objectives of the association agreements with public, private or administrative or other associations;
c) To ensure the management and operation of the Association, creating working committees and appointing one or more members of the Coordination for the acts or activities deemed necessary;
d) Open and operate any bank accounts, and handling the debt, however, be made by the joint signatures of two of the three members responsible for finance of the Association;
e) To give effect to its decisions and the General Assembly;
f) submit annually to the General Assembly considered the programs of activities, reporting, balance sheet and accounts;
g) To exercise disciplinary authority over members, and
h) To admit and dismiss personnel.
2. Composition: Coordination consists of five to nine members who shall elect among themselves, the General Coordinator, Regional Coordinator, Local Coordinator, Coordinators of Committees and Secretary.
3. Powers of the General Coordinator: represent the Association and preside at meetings of the Steering Committee.
4. Jurisdiction of Regional Coordinator: replace the General Coordinator in their absence or incapacity.

Article the tenth
(Supervisory Board)
1. Competence: the Audit Committee responsible for supervising the coordination of actions, examine the records and give an opinion on the annual accounts of the Association.
2. Composition: The Audit Committee is composed of three to five members who shall elect among themselves, the coordinator, deputy coordinator,and the secretary. Deputy coordinator will replace the coordinator in absence of the coordinator.

Article the eleventh
(Transitional provision)
The first office bearers of associations shall be elected within two months from the date of constitution of the Association. Until the completion of its General Meeting, the Association shall be managed and represented by an installation committee composed of any two founding members that give this deed of incorporation, are ascribed to all the powers, legal or statutory, are conferred on Coordination.
Article the twelfth
(Final provision)
In case of dissolution, the assets constituting the assets of the Association shall be donated to one or more charities, as decided by the General Assembly.

Copyright (2010) IRMÃOS DA CARIDADE