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We are Brothers of Charity, because we love our neighbor, so we work to help the needy in this selfish world, where some have everything and others have nothing. When God created the Universe and it's resources, He thought in man He would create,to have dominion over everything and enjoy the results of all resources available . Today, only a few dozen of selfish people , who think they own all, accumulate wealth, at the expense of the poverty of others.
We must be mobilized to help with the little we have, our brothers who are in difficult situations, such as: 
abandoned children, widows without means of survival, orphans, the needy, the sick without medical care because of lack of funds.
We imagine, how many people die every minute, for lack of charity, solidarity and love of neighbors?
Many people no longer help materialy or financially a neighbor, a sick who dies because of the lack of help.   It would be wise to help with necessary means to treat sick neighbour or relative to avoid many deaths. Let us not wait for the worse to happen to others to help. We must help others when they need, at the right and appropriate time.

We Brothers of Charity, want to mobilize people humble, merciful, and compassionate that have love to others and together we can reduce and someday eliminate the suffering of others, our brothers of this universe. We count on you brother.
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 God bless all us.

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